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InsuranceMate.com is your independent source for experienced advice on insurance and financial products. Hosted by Stephen M. Polizzi Insurance Agency, we specialize in high quality, affordable life, disability, long-term care and group insurance products, and investments, in the states of New York and Florida. The agency deals with many well-rated insurance and investment firms that provide individual and business products to promote financial security for clients. In addition, instant online life insurance quotes provide an independent comparison of top-rated companies available in New York State.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can replace your income and secure your family's future if you are no longer here.  In the event of your death, life insurance can protect your family's home, their lifestyle and your child's education.  Depending on your needs you may choose a Term Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, Whole Life or Guaranteed Issue Life insurance policy.  If you anticipate estate taxes, you may consider a Survivorship Life insurance policy.  More...

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides income when you cannot work due to a disabling condition.  Having a long-term disability can be financially devastating.  Disability insurance can protect your income from the unexpected.  More...

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance protects you from losing a lifetime of accumulated savings and investments.  Entering a nursing home, assisted living, or some type of home care service can quickly deplete assets.  Long-term care insurance can help assure your independence, protect your family and provide peace of mind.  More...

Employee Benefit / Group Insurance

If you are a small business owner, group insurance can prevent employees from leaving your business to work for larger companies with better employee benefits.  Provide stability with life, disability, and dental coverage to supplement your medical benefits.  More...

Business Insurance

If you are a partner or co-owner in a business, you should consider using life insurance to fund a Buy-Sell Agreement.*  Upon the death of a co-owner, this is a cost-effective way to guarantee cash to fund a business continuation plan and help assure fair treatment of heirs.  You may also want Key Employee coverage if the death of a significant decision maker could jeopardize the future of the company due to economic losses that may occur.  More...

Financial Products & Investments

For yourself or your employees, financial products can help accumulate money for a college education, retirement, major purchase or other financial goal. Start an Individual Retirement Account or SEP-IRA.  Put away a little money each month in a mutual fund investment.  Or, you may want to "rollover" an existing IRA or 401K into a financial product from a mutual fund company which offers more choices and flexibility.  If you are in an older age group, a fixed annuity can help preserve your retirement income.  Whatever your situation, plan for the future!  More...

*  Stephen M. Polizzi Insurance Agency, Hazard & Siegel Inc. and their agents do not provide legal or tax advice.  For specific legal or tax advice concerning your situation, please consult your attorney or tax advisor.

Insurance & Financial Services, Rochester, New York

Products and agency services may not be available in all states.  Stephen M. Polizzi is licensed for life, health and variable annuity products in the states of New York and Florida.  Securities offered through Hazard & Siegel Inc., 5793 Widewaters Parkway, DeWitt, New York 13214, (315) 414-0722, Member FINRA / SIPC.  Investment Advisory Services offered through Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services, LLC. E-mail: spolizzi@hazardsiegel.com Check the background of this investment professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck >>

Insurance & Financial Services, Rochester, New York
Polizzi Insurance, Rochester, New York
Insurance & Financial Services, Rochester, New York

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